Hi, welcome to our franchise page. Our franchise is designed to allow you to make the most of the hours you work and make some decent money. What’s the point of working hard all week then handing over a huge chunk of your income? I’ve been there and know how it feels.

So what’s different about a franchise with Bumps?

The Bumps name, we pride ourselves on being different, we want our pupils to have fun and enjoy learning to drive. There’s nothing stuffy or regimented about our approach to our pupils, we remain professional but in a friendly and relaxed manner. This helps the pupils to learn quicker, is the main reason pupils choose to learn to drive with us and why they recommend us.

A competitive weekly franchise fee, allowing you to make a reasonable living.

You provide the car, we provide the pupils, we’ve found over the years this is the best way for you to maximise your earnings. You don’t want to be paying a driving school to lease a vehicle when you can do it so much cheaper yourself. It also leaves us free to do what you’re paying us for – to provide you with pupils.

Work locally, all our instructors generally work within a 15 minute radius of where they live. ‘Travel time is dead time’ when you’re travelling between pupils you’re not earning, not to mention paying for extra fuel. We only take on new pupils who live in an area where we have a local instructor, we would prefer to turn the business away than get an instructor to travel miles for one pupil.

Advertising, we have a priority listing on Yell.com plus listings on other driving school search sites. We get a huge amount of business generated by recommendations and by people seeing our cars.

6 (yes six!) free franchise weeks a year, driving instructors like everyone else need time off, we recognise the importance of taking a break. We want you to enjoy some time off with your family and relax without having to worry about paying a franchise fee. The six free franchise weeks can be taken when you want.

If you’re interested in discussing a franchise with us or would like some more information, please contact us. All inquiries will be treated in the strictest of confidence, so if you currently have a franchise with another driving school don’t worry about getting in touch.