It’s all about you; you’re the one who wants to learn to drive, so why choose Bumps?

The most important part of learning to drive is the relationship between the pupil and instructor; you’re going to spend many hours together so you need to get on. You need to feel comfortable and relaxed in their company, we want you to look forward to your lessons not dread them.

Our instructors understand you’re learning a new skill, they’ll expect you to make mistakes, everyone does its part of learning to drive. So when you do make a mistake DON’T WORRY, they’ll know it’s not deliberate, they won’t get angry shout or criticize you, they’ll explain and encourage you. Your instructor will be there to help you learn and build up your confidence, not turn you into a quivering nervous wreck!

It’s also all about you when it comes to arranging lesson dates and times; we can pick you up from home, college, school, or work, we can also finish at the location of your choice. We endeavour to arrange the lessons at the most convenient time for you, weekdays, evenings or weekends. The duration of your lessons is also flexible, we can provide 1.5hr or 2hr lessons.

We’ll be there with help and advice in preparation for your theory test, we’ll ensure you’re confident and ready going into your practical test. We’ll do everything we can to help you.

Then once you’ve passed your test we can provide you with a Pass Plus course, six hours of advanced tuition developing your driving skills. This will help to make you a safer driver and usually leads to a reduction in your insurance premiums.

At Bumps we really care about our pupils, it’s all about YOU!