Loved my lessons, great instructor, choose Bumps!

What a great feeling, thank you so much x

Great instructor, learn with Bumps!

I did it! xx

Thanks, you were a fantastic instructor, that’s 4 of my family and friends who have passed with Bumps

Wanted to get my license before going to uni, thank you!

I’ve done it! Thank’s for all your help and encouragement

Can’t stop smiling, what a great feeling to have passed, thank you!

Getting back from uni will be so much easier now, can’t recommend Bumps too highly, my instructor was great

My life will be so much easier now, thanks for teaching me

What an fantastic feeling, thank you for everything!

Thanks, you’re a top man

Thanks for all your help Mark

Thanks you were great

I’m so happy, I can’t believe I passed, thank you!

Thanks for all your help and patience, you were wonderful

Thanks Ian, that’s 4 of us that have passed with you – he is brilliant!

Thanks for all your help, you were great

Thanks Mark, you’re a great instructor

I passed! thank you so much

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks Ian you were an amazing Instructor and I’ll recommend you to everyone

Did I really just do that! Much love and thanks

Keith was a great instructor and so much fun!