We offer competitive prices for manual car driving lessons. Use the “Buy Now” to buy your lessons. Please contact us before purchasing your lessons to check on availability.

Manual Car Driving Instruction

1 hour Lesson£27.00
1.5 hour Lesson£40.00
2 hour Lesson£54.00
Prepaid block of 5 lessons£125.00
Prepaid block of 10 lessons£250.00
Prepaid block of 20 lessons£485.00
2hr Motorway Lesson (£30/hr)£60.00

We have some great rates for students.

Student Rates

1 hour Lesson£26.00
1.5 hour Lesson£39.00
2 hour Lesson£52.00
Prepaid block of 5 lessons£120.00
Prepaid block of 10 lessons£240.00
Prepaid block of 20 lessons£465.00
2hr Motorway Lesson (£30/hr)£60.00

Special offers

We have great some great special offers.

General Offers

2 hour Trial lesson£54.00
1st Block of 5 hour£115.00
1st Block of 10 hour£235.00

Student Offers

2 hour Trial lesson£52.00
1st Block of 5 hour£110.00
1st Block of 10 hour£225.00

Automatic Car Driving Instruction

1 hour£30.00
2 hour£60.00
Prepaid block of 5 lessons£150.00
Prepaid block of 10 lessons£300.00

Automatic Offers

1st block of 5 hours£145.00
1st block of 10 hours£290.00